Friday, November 16, 2007

The week of November 12th

The boys have been sick a bit this week so it was a slow one. Tuesday we didn't leave the house at all and then on Wednesday Bentley was still feeling pretty low but we went to the playground up the hill. I wasn't feeling that great either so that hike up the hill nearly finished me for the day! Let me tell you, the picture of the hill does not do the feeling in your calves - justice.

Today we went to the Julius Kahn playground by the Presidio. Nice playground and very nice area. All single family homes which is a big deal in SF. Two of the moms were getting their kids organised to walk home. We weren't walking, we were driving back to our little neighbourhood! There is a house for sale in SF for $65 million and it needs $8million worth of work on it. Hard to even imagine that kind of money. The average house price in SF is $759k and that gets you 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Vancouver is a bit cheaper at least we can get another bedroom for that price!

This wkd its some relaxing and a mandolin lesson in Berkely for Aaron. Hopefully some bike shopping for Bentley as well. Next wkd is lots of shopping for Michelle on black Friday. I might start at midnight on Thursday when the shops open near Monterey where we'll be for the long wkd - after a great Thanksgiving dinner at Judi's.

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