Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cancun 2009

We needed some sunshine and a break so Cancun it was. A great deal with Westjet so we couldn't resist. Ethan had never been on a plane - poor little guy was over 2 years old before he got on a plane! Bentley had been on at least 20 planes by then so Ethan has some catching up to do.

The flight was great, both boys just watched TV the entire time and ate snacks. I'll know for next time that they don't need books, toys, crayons, paper, stickers... for a 6 hour flight. Just a pair of headphones and they are happy! We sailed through the airport, onto the waiting bus and straight to the hotel. After a meal and some unpacking we went to bed to get ready for a week of sunshine and relaxing.

The hotel (Fiesta Americana Condesa) was really nice and actually nicer than I thought. You can't really tell from pictures on the internet but it was better than we anticipated so it made for a good start.

The boys enjoyed the pool everyday - one had a section 7" deep and another one just under 2' deep so great for them to play. The beach was eroded with hurricane Katrina so they built a platform above the water and added sand. It made a great spot to be right by the water and in the sand. Otherwise there was no beach area and the water was too rough so the red flag was flying and apparently is nearly always flying now since the hurricane. The coast has changed and it is no longer safe for swimming. It didn't bother us as the pools were huge and right by the water so we could see the amazing turquoise water from our lounge chairs.

People were nice, the food was excellent and the local outdoor mall was really nice. We visited the mall a few times - via local bus which was fun for the boys. Other than that we just relaxed all week, no excursions as there wasn't time and we wanted to relax and not worry about trying to keep track of the kids in the middle of Cancun. They are having a huge drug problem at the moment so it didn't seem to make sense to risk anything when we weren't all that interested in bartering for Mexican trinkets. The next time I just want to buy a great vanilla cookbook in English. They had one but it was in Spanish!