Monday, October 29, 2007

The great pumpkin patch

Ethan seems happy with the pumpkins, straw and dirt so far! Such luxury for an Alcatraz prisoner on a day pass!!
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The Pumpkin Patch in Half Moon Bay

We went to Arata Farms in Half Moon Bay, the pumpkin capital of...the area, the state???

Bentley was dying to go on this train and kept on asking to go on it. The only problem was that mommy couldn't go with him. He did fine though!
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Our scary Alcatraz prisoner!

Bentley wanting comfort from his little brother when the hay ride went by...
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Half Moon Bay, PUMPKIN Capital

Bentley was scared of the tractor - it was rather loud - so no rides for us!

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Sonoma Valley

A day out on Saturday...
Healdsburg, a small town in wine country.

One of many oak leaves in the area...
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The local playground

Only a few minutes from home but a great little park. We go fairly often as it is right beside the library. We've taken out lots of books for the boys and magazines for mommy and daddy!
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Golden Gate Playground

Another hot day last week so we headed out to the playground again. Bentley ventured into the water this time!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Golden Gate Playground

We had a great day in the sun. It was 27C today and not a cloud in the sky. Some playtime, some eating sand and leaves time (Ethan!) and then a picnic. We stayed in the shade as much as possible because little Ethan doesn't have a hat. I wasn't planning on such warm sunny weather when I was packing. So we'll need to pick one up. Ethan is feeling left out anyhow since Bentley is now the owner of a SF Giants hat!

Some 'tubing'!
King of the the site of the first playground in the US. Its a huge playground including a water feature with sand. We might try that tomorrow so we'll be taking a change of clothes!
Keeping cool.
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Monday, October 22, 2007

All along the boardwalk...

A big walk on Sunday night towards Crissy Field. I have made good use of my new walking shoes. We only drive a couple of times a week, the rest is by foot.
Monday - a new section on one of the Piers, very nice and modern.
Part of the new area close to the Ferry Terminal
Walking home after meeting daddy at the Ferry Terminal for lunch. One last stop before we walked the rest of the way home - a good 35 minute walk but gorgeous all along the water.
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Golden Gate Park...

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the house

expansive dining room / kitchen table.
unique, modern, funky kitchen - this is what you get in SF for $3,000 a month...
designer (cough) couch etc.
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We got a membership to the Aquarium so we can drop in anytime. Pier 39 (Fisherman's Wharf) is a 10 minute walk from the apartment.
Ark ark ark ark...
deez are kool. Bentley loves to see the sea lions and does his best at imitating their sound - quite different to a lion!
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Party park

growin HUP
What a house
In therapy/play time..
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