Thursday, November 01, 2007


I convinced Bentley to wear his 'new' shirt and 'new' pants but he wasn't falling for the 'new' feather story! We finally got him to wear it in order to get candy when he was trick or treating.
At the playgroup, Ethan is making sure the little girl beside him is well seated!
One of the many houses in Seacliffe where we went trick or treating. They go all out and the huge beautiful houses overlooking the water turn into a mob of costumed children and their parents trying to get by each other! For those who know this area, yes we did go to Robin Williams' house and he was giving out light sticks this year. Bentley went to bed with his light stick!
After fighting the crowds we headed over to Ben and Kristin's house for some more celebrating. Parker was quite happy to see Ethan, maybe a little too happy in Ethan's opinion!
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