Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Bay Area Discovery Museum

Today was a busy and very fun day at the Bay Area Discovery Museum just across the water over the Golden Gate Bridge from where we live. The museum is spread over several buildings in an old army base. Kristin and Parker joined us and the boys had a great time together playing in the many exhibits. This is the most amazing museum for kids our age. Even Ethan really enjoyed it and got wet at the fish stream and had fun in the water exhibit which had several areas of waterbeds to imulate ponds or the ocean. Then in a forest area Bentley had fun climbing in tunnels and up over a little bridge. The playground was amazing as well with lots of dump trucks and a construction area, a boat (Bentley did not like this for some reason), wooden structures and more.

The surroundings were beautiful with a view of the city and the Golden Gate Bridge. There was a heavy fog over the city but sunny where we were so the view of the fog with the sun was spectacular.

At the end of the day both boys were exhausted. Tomorrow? Maybe the zoo!
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