Monday, December 15, 2008

Our 5th Anniversary

It was my turn to organise our anniversary so we started out with brunch in Gastown. Then a little stroll in the area. It was cold so we went straight to the Westin to check in and have naps. It took a while to get the boys to nap as it was all very exciting to be in a hotel! Aaron was glad to get there as he didn't know what we were doing and couldn't figure it out since we didn't seem to be in a rush to drive anywhere far! I decided that a night in the city was more relaxing than driving to Whistler. After naps we had an early supper and hit the shops. Not much shopping as the boys were getting cranky but I managed to buy something in both stores that I made it to, so pretty good odds!

The hotel had an outdoor heated pool. After walking around a bit and getting quite cold, the thought of swimming outside wasn't all that appealing. We tried to convince the boys that a hot tub in the hotel room would be just as fun. It worked once we gave them each a bar of soap to smear all over the tub walls and tub! On Sunday we stayed for lunch at mtg so I didn't even have to cook. A nice treat for me and a good end to our little wkd.
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