Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ethan's 2nd Birthday! the Party.

Ethan and Leighton had a combined birthday party on Saturday. They started out playing in the gym at the community centre and then had food, cake and fun in a room in the centre. Poor Ethan was sick to his stomach in the morning so Bentley and I went ahead to get the room set up. Aaron came an hour later so Ethan could have part of his party! He was such a good little guy and happy despite feeling rotten and having a fever. Thats another benefit to sharing a party when they are young, it increases the chances that one of the birthday people will be present! I guess it goes with winter birthdays, there is certainly more sickness this time of year. Still a good time for all of the little ones and Ethan received lots of nice presents to enjoy once he felt better - the next day luckily.
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