Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas 2008

The weather in Vancouver was frightful but we still thought we'd make the treck to Calgary for the holidays. After deciding that we'd go, reassured that we have a good safe SUV, packed up and left - the 'transmission service required' light came on when we were nearing Chiliwack. After a phone call to the dealership and quick stop at a garage, it was determined that we had to head back to Vancouver, get a service car and start again. We had the truck in the shop the week before as we thought something was wrong but they said "no". They were wrong and we wasted a lot of time. On the upside we didn't have to put our vehicle through all the salt and rocks so we just packed our stuff in, thanked them for giving us a roof rack as well (they did not have any XC90s so we had a station wagon) and took off again. We made it to Kamloops and stopped for the night. Relaxed, used the pool and hung out. No rush, this is an adventure! Off again and made it to Calgary by 9pm on xmas eve. Nice for us all to be together but perhaps not something we'll be doing next year. Sometimes the roads are clear, sometimes they are not - this time they were not. It was a winter adventure and we came back safe and sound. Jenni and Andy flew out for a few days to be with his family so we caught up with them on new year's eve.